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Memory Upgrade £9.99

Installation of memory into your PC
Memory is one of the most intensivery used componets of a computer system so ensuring that you have enough is essential.
Upgrading the memory on the PC is the easiest most cost-effective way of increasing its speed and responsiveness. just by doing this simple upgrade, your machine will open applications faster, start up faster and run more smoothly. You can aslo work with multiple applications without fear of the machine crashing.
Furthermore, if, like a lot of home users you do a lot of home video editing on the PC you will know how long it can take to encode your video to a more manageable level, upgrading the memory on your PC can dramatically reduce the time this takes.

Hardware Upgrade £24.99

Installation of Modems/ADSL/DS, Sound Cards, Graphics Cards, Rom Drives (DVD, CD-RW, DVD-RW,

CD Blu Ray DVD player)


/ADSL/DSLAdding one of this component to a PC enables you to connect to the internet or intranet so you can send, receive and transfer data or browse the net.



Sound Cards:

Generally, your intended application determines whether you need a new sound card. For some audio applications. such as telephony or certain games. full-duplex sound is must. if your motherboard does not have a sound chipset built in then a sound card upgrade is an option for you. A common upgrade path is to move from ISA sound card.


Graphics Cards:

The graphics system on your PC is extremely powerful. it enbles you to play games and aslo controls the flicker on your monitor.If you only have an old graphics card in your PC and are running moderm applications then its most likely to be running at its limits and over time this can cause the card to lose its display holding properties and start the monitors flickering very slightly causing eye strain.Fitting a new and more powerful graphics card is the solution. It will enable you to play the latest titles and run those demanding applications with confidence. Many modern graphics cards also now come fitted with TV OUT function that allows you to output the picture on your monitor to your TV screen, enbling you to watch DVD and DIVX movies from PC on your TV.

Rom Drive:

CDRW drives are a really useful addition to your computer system because they allow you to back up more information than standard floppy disks. Just one CD can hold the same amount of data as 486 floppy disks!Another advantage of upgrading to CD-RW drive is that you can create your own CD's with all your favourite tracks. You won't need to dig out individual albums just to listen to one or two tracks you can make up your compilations.DVD-RW drives offer all the same functionality as a CD-RW drive, only better. They have massive storage capacity, enough to fit your home movies on. So now you can put your holiday and precious family movies onto DVD knowing they will last forever.

Master Hard Drive Upgrade £39.99

Istallation of a master hard drive
including installation of the customers version of windows.
The hard drive in your PC is the main storage facility for all programs, applications and operating systems. If you think of the hard ware as a warehouse and the programs and application boxes, the bigger the hard drive (warehouse) the more applications and programs (boxes) you can store.The hard drive aslo plays an integral part in the performation of your PC. Hard drive speed directly affects the rate at which your PC boots up and the speed at which programs load. Its performance is also crucial for processing graphical work, manipulating large amount of data, when working databases or when multitasking.Always judges how importance the size of your hard drive is by the amount of inconvenience that would be caused if your existinf hard drive failed.


Second Hard Drive Installation £24.99

Installation of a second hard driveThe main advantage of fitting a second hard drive is to gain increased storage space, but it has the added benefit of boosting Windows performance. If a hard drive is replaced outright with a new larger one then it is necessary to back up all the documents stored on it. However this is not not always possible due to the shear number of files involved, and the fact that the operating system needs to be installed on the new drive too. Fitting of a secondary drive is the easiest route for most users to take.Note: Before we can carry out any hard drive installation we need to check whether your motherboard is able to accecpt it. If not we can either partition the new hard drive or look to install a new motherboard.

Are you experiencing hard drive problems? Did you accidently delete an important file? Our computer services at Crony PC Repair, Engineers will backup or restore your important information using the latest technology.

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