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Is it time to upgrade your CCTV system?

At Crony Trading Ltd we’re dedicated to providing only the very best tailored CCTV solutions that suit the specific needs of your business requirements.

By choosing us, you’ll not only be choosing an award-winning technology company, but you’ll also receive:

  • A FREE no-obligation quote on all new systems
  • Two-year, low-start payment options & no upfront costs
  • Installation by Crony engineers
  • FREE desktop software & mobile app
  • Auto alerts & live monitoring

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Alarm System

Would Yor Company benefit from an all-in-one alarm system?

By choosing Crony Trading Ltd, you’ll be choosing a professional wireless security system that protects your business from burglars, fires and leakages.

The award-winning system allows you to benefit from:

  • Spotting intrusion
  • Preventing fire
  • Detecting flooding
  • Verifying alarms with photos
  • Supporting security cameras
  • Executing automation scenarios