CCTV Camera Systems

Take advantage of amazing deals on our Security cameras & CCTV range here at Crony CCTV System. CCTV Kits for homes, businesses and trade including CCTV Systems & Security Cameras. This is a great option for all users who need to keep an eye on a property when away from home.

Vehicle CCTV Camera System or Taxi CCTV

  • 1080p HD video, live view, GPS tracking, cloud-based storage, event reports, out-of-hours alerts, multi-channel cameras and 24/7 monitoring.
  • Installing vehicle CCTV can reduce your insurance premiums by anywhere between 5% and 25%.
  • Vehicle CCTV ownership over the last 4 years has soared from just 1% all the way to 15%.
The UK Department for Transport's recent study showed that 25% of road accidents include someone who is driving for work. With that said, now more than ever is the perfect time to take control of your fleet by keeping them protected with vehicle CCTV.
We have a network of vehicle installation technicians based throughout the United Kingdom & Kenya, Africa. There is no project that we can't fulfil, offering fully documented project management of the installation from start to finish.

To discuss getting your fleet protected, email us:

WiFi Solar Kits: 4CH 4MP Solar Kits FS-SK4WK400, main features below:

  1. Automatic Wireless Connection, Plug and Play.
  2. Camera Input: 4CH 4MP Solar Wireless IP Camera
  3. Camera with 1.7W Solar Panel,9000ma battery
  4. IP Camera: 4MP Outdoor Bullet Case, 20M Night Vision
  5. Network Interface: 1xRJ45 (10M/100M Adaptive Ethernet Interface)
  6. Playback Resolution: 4CH@4MP
  7. Support AI Human Detection, Alarm Push Motion Detection
  8. Support 1 SATA HDD(Up to 10TB)
  9. App: CloudEdge/Vicohome

Solar Low Power Consumption 4G IP Camera

This is a 4G Sim card HD IP camera for monitoring.

It connects to the Internet via a SIM card to send and receive data, and you can use it to remotely view real-time images from your mobile phone.

Camera Key points:

  • SIM card
  • Micro SD Card
  • Cloud storage+Solar Panel
  • Battery
  • Low Power Consumption.

Solar Powered Security Camera

Wifi/4G/Solar Camera

All our CCTV devices and software are self-developed.

All Cameras have good quality products at good prices.

We can also provide you with OEM service if you need it.

Light Bulb CCTV Camera

The Highest Tech Light Bulb You Will Ever See!

  1. 360 Degree View of Your Property
  2. Motion Tracking & Alert System
  3. 1080P High Definition Video
  4. Light Socket Security Camera

Your Home is Secure

We are the R&D supplier and distributor of advanced Smart Home Security CCTV system products in the United Kingdom and Kenya, Africa. We have been serving security monitoring systems around the world. We can provide you with hundreds of different types of CCTV cameras, such as Smart Camera, IP Camera, PTZ Camera, WIFI Camera, Solar Camera, etc. Our products are not only of good quality but also of competitive price.

4G Solar Siren Alarm Camera

Highly recommended the following Solar Siren alarm camera. 

A: Lumens of the lighting?

Q: 3W LED lights, Can see 5M.

Q: Resolution of the video?

A: 3MP   

How many hours can it be used on a full charge?

A: As it’s lower power consumption battery camera, standby power is 0.003W. If this camera wakes up 30 times each day, the fully charged battery itself supports the camera on power for around 6 MONTHS.

Plus the solar panel is powered during the daytime, so It won’t have the condition for power off.

The battery MODEL number 21700 is the same model as the vehicle car.
Power Supply

  • Power supply mode – Solar +21700 battery
  • Solar cell power – 2W
  • battery capacity – built-in 3PCS 21700 batteries (3*4000MA=12000MA)
  • Maximum working power – 4W
  • Standby power – 0.003W

Beside Solar power, we have various kinds of DC12V WIFI cameras as well. 

4G solar Floodlight PTZ  3MP, 4G Solar PTZ 2 New model released with built-in Batteries.

4G global version for different countries.